To all of my slaves, i’ve been away for a few weeks dealing with the house move. I’ve not got a 3 bedroom house, oh its so much more fun and more space. I am even thinking of converting the basement into a dungeon hehe

I’ve been using a dial up internet and been really slow, so I thought id take a few screenshots of cam for my slaves to see.
Anyway it is now thursday and finally have my phoneline for the internet and it is super faat my webcam is well fast.
I had a new slave join me, he has wrote his blog under the title ” Devotion” he proved just how devoted he was on monday. Read his report for more info.
Anyway tonight I gave my slave a special session, I thought im getting all my tributes but it doesnt get put in a safe place where else to keep it then inside my panties and bra
As my panties got lower I covered my beautiful flower with his “hard earned” cash and then told him he had 30 seconds to cum. Then as the seconds went by I dropped the £20 notes one by one.  The anticipating look on his face made me giggle with laughter as I watch him look like a begging dog gasping for breath!      I finally dropped the last note and allowed him a ” 1 SECOND” glimpse, the best 1 second of his life too look but NOT TOUCH, something that he will never have!
Remember what you are, a slave, you are beneath me and you will be treated accordingly!!!
P.S FOR ALL MY OTHER LOYAL SLAVES…this could happen for you too, if your good 😉
Miztress Sophie … The Most Superior of them ALL!!!




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