A counsellor and a Miztress

A counsellor and a Miztress

Posted by miztresssophie at 01:10 PM on August 17, 2009 

I am gradually starting to form a small army of slaves. A few of them have been with me for many years now, these are the most loyal, respectful and caring submissives. You know who you all are! Not only are these my slaves but also my good freinds.

Freindship is a big factor in our relationship. I know that I do have a very sadistic streak and if you cross me I do not forgive and forget and you will be kicked out of my stable. On the other hand, I consider myself a very strict, firm but fair and caring Miztress.

I like to be called Miztress <<< with a "z", so please approach me in this manner, be polite, with a mature attitude towards BDSM. I feel also I get along well with the more mature, older and experienced type submissive. These know a whole lot more in how to treat a Miztress.

An old sissy slave freind hookerslut4Miz returned to me last night and I we had a short chat and a session, and I got her to sign up here. She is very excited to be back and looking forward to meeting new freinds on here also. We discussed this morning about her feelings as a sissy, she was very open and honest. Then after she said, " I cant believe I have told you these things" and thanked me for my advice. These discussions with my sissy/slaves help me get to know what they are thinking…what makes them tick and how to forfill their needs and desires.

You NEED me – not I need you!

I am here to be as best a Miztress as I possibly can, give you advice when you need it, punish you when you do wrong and be a fun Miztress/freind.

You are here to serve and amuse Me, treat Me with the utmost respect, obey My rules and regulations, complete any tasks set to a high standard, compliment Me and most of all appeciate Me. Even if I punish you because you were out of line or even just for my own amusement, you will thank Me for it!

A few new slaves have joined my stable recently – one of these has not been with me for very long, he has not yet had the chance to serve me properly due to his vanilla life. But just by talking to each other I feel we already have a strong bond, he has proved so far to be a very openminded and trustworthy person.

Honesty & Trust are also big factors in this lifestyle for me. If we work as a team our journey will go far and who knows your servitude(s) could last a long time just like my other loyal slaves. Prove to Me your dedication, loyalty and determination and we will get along very well.

Make me a proud owner! Your Miztress Sophie

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