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Greetings subbies, I am Miztress Sophie, a 20 year-old Domina and the Goddess Nemises of your pathetic, masturbatory wet-dreams. I am a towering temptress of torments, a blonde beating beauty who takes particular relish in ruining little salacious slimeball slugs and venimous veral rodents like you.

You will ALWAYS address Me properly as Miztress Sophie and you had better have your credit card in hand when doing so. My vicious, scathing vituperative and wicked, whip-wielding will decimate and destroy most slave applicants, so you’d better have the balls for this game, bitch. You will do as I say, when I say it! Your feelings are utterly unimportant and irrelevant. The only thing that matters to you from now on is My pleasure and My pleasure only.

You will have no other reason for existence than to serve, please, worship, adore, glorify and praise ME!!!! You will not have a single, individual or creative thought, aside from those that address pleasing Me. You no longer exist as a sentient human being with the capacity to exercise free will. You ARE NOTHING!

I am the Queen of your wet nightmares.
I am the woman your wife or girlfriend would fear and hate,
if she knew about Me.
I am your nemesis, your demise.
I am Miztress Sophie.
Goddess, if you like.
Don’t ever call Me anything else.
You cannot resist Me.
I will destroy your self esteem, your dignity, your self control.
I will empty your wallet faster than you can count the bills.
I’ll bring you to your knees and make you cry in front of Me.
But it will feel so good!
I’ll guide you.
I’ll show you how to be a good slave.
I’ll tell you how to make Me happy.
I’ll own your mind, body, soul, and wallet.
I’ll tell you what to think.
And you will obey.
Come on, let Me fuck your mind!
The more you watch, the weaker you get.
The deeper you’ll fall for Me.
Until there is only one joy left in your life:
To make Me happy.
Because a happy Miztress leads to a happy slave.
From now on, that’s the only way to happiness for you.