back from EGYPT!

back from EGYPT!


Your favourite Miztress is back.  I been to Egypt for a holiday, one of my slaves bought Me it as a birthday present. 

Thankyou slave Jon, I had a great time and did things that I never even done before.  You spoil Me too much  *giggles* I love being your Princess xxx

Here are a few pictures for all of you to see:

This is in the hotel grounds at night, stood by 1 of the pools, they had 20 in total.  The hotel was massive, it had over 8000 rooms, 10 restaturants and a built in water park.  So much stuff to doooo omg I miss it so much.  Anyway I didnt want to stay in hotel all day so I booked a few excursions.  First day I went quad biking in the Sinai Desert.

I had to wear that round my face and goggles over My eyes because of the sand.  I was driving about 80 mph it was so fun.  We drove for ages and came to some Camels. 

The trip involved camel riding too.  This is the first time I ever rode one and he gave Me the hump 😉

The next day I went snorkelling in the Red Sea on a VIP Cruise.  This was our boat

In between snorkelling I lied on the sun deck to top up My tan. 

  Drove the boat 😉

The day before I came back home to shithole England, I went scuba diving and it was waaaaay better than snorkelling lol.  It was so great im going to be taking a scuba diving course back here to hopefully become a qualified scuba diver *giggles*  This is what we had to carry on our backs, poor Miztress 🙁 but it was less heavy when we were in the water.

 Pretty fishes swimming around Me.  I had a waterproof camera so I took loads of kool fishy pics.


If u want to see any more photos ask Me and I may give u them if your a good boy.  Had a great time, wish I didnt have to come back but there u go.  Im going to Mafia Island next year to do more scuba diving yay.





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