Birthday Task for My good minions

Birthday Task for My good minions

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getprofileSo, that’s it, you managed to get Miztress angry, and pissed. It’s my BIRTHDAY in one week, on 13th JULY, and My wishlist has still some items in need of clearing My obedient little slaves. Do you think that’s acceptable? Well, I don’t give a damn what you think, I tell you it’s unacceptable, so this is what you will think of this situation, understood, bitch?

Although I should absolutely NOT have to remind you, little subbies, I will be nice: My Wishlist is HERE : and nowhere else.

You can also tribute Your Goddess, using the appropriate buttons on my profile here.

And now, you’re surely wondering: what are those Bday tasks for my Goddess? How can I finally prove myself worthy of Her Divine Attention?

Well, dumb ass, the first task is to buy something from My Wishlist or tribute Me, the Beautiful, Perfect Ruler of your sad life, in an appropriate manner. Do I need to repeat Myself?

When I receive proof from you that you have done as Miztress commands, I will reward you with the second level, a really funny task I expect from you.

You know what you have to do now, so GET TO IT, PET!!!

Miztress is waiting, and Miztress hates waiting!!

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