Birthday Updates

Birthday Updates


All of My slaves have been asking Me how My Birthday 13th July went, so I’ll tell u … it was GRRRRREAT!  I want to say how proud I am to the slaves that didnt forget My birthday – I have trained you well 🙂  Some of you have left it late and have bought Me presents from the wishlist on the day which will get here this week.  Next time think will you slaves, buy it earlier so I can actually get it on the day!  Tut Tut oh well I’ll just have to turn it into My Birthday Week.  For the slaves that have missed My birthday altogether if there is any … I dont know I HAVE SO MANY SLAVES, well if there is then I am disowning you.  YOU DONT KNOW WHAT U GOT UNTIL ITS GONE!

So Tuesday 13th July – your GODdess’ Birthday, she awoke from Her slumber to find a bundle of gifts layed at Her precious feet.  All from Her slaves.

I have so many shoes now its unbelievable, but a girl NEVER has too many shoes!

These I wore for My Birthday, they were £140 – Steve Madden Peep Toe Suede Ankle Boots

I have more shoes to come and some more in the wardrobe, will have to sort them all out soon.  I ♥ SHOES!

Anyway back to My Birthday, I got dressed and went to check My Miztress Bank Account for a big suprise from one of My slaves.  I stood at the ATM machine waiting to see My balance and when I saw it … I was soooooo shocked and suprised, it was the best Birthday ever!  Lets just say My amount was a  MASSIVE 4 Figure number.  So guess what I went and did … Miztress decided she needed a well deserved break from all of you slaves.  So I went and booked a Luxurious Holiday to Egypt.  I am leaving in September and going to a place called: Sharm El Sheikh.

I am going to an All Inclusive 5+ Star Hotel (Miztress has to have the best!)  It has 5 restaurants, several bars, 9 swimming pools, a shopping centre, shuttle to and from Beach AND it has a water park AND a theme park!  I am going to have soooooo much fun! 

After booking My Holiday, I went back home and got in My Birthday dress and heels.  My BF got in his Birthday suit mmm he looked so frikin sexy!  It was about 8pm when I saw it coming from My bedroom window, I let out a huge scream and was so excited.  My phone beeped and it was from My faithful slave, it said: “Thought my Miztress could travel in style to Her Birthday destination.  You are my world Princess.”

DO YOU KNOW WHAT IT IS YET???  Bought by one of Her slaves of The Miztress Sophie slave Army

Like I said MIZTRESS HAS TO HAVE THE BEST!  The Limo had a widescreen television with music blaring and 2 bottles of Champagne for Me and My freinds.  It was so kool and the Chauffeur let Me wear his hat LOL!



My Birthday was GREAT – The End xxx


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