Pure Dedication

Last night I had one of my "human dogs" come online.  Lucky he did, because I was in quite an angry mood and I wanted to take my anger out on someone and he was the perfect person!  He is one of my most dedicated slaves and after last night I am hounered to have him as my slave.  He switched on his webcam, and there he was all skinny and fraile, looking so weak, I told him how [...]

Rules for being a good slave

Rules for being a good slave 1.  A domme is always right 2.  If you disagree with rule no 1, then fuck off  3.  Once owned by Miztress Sophie, DO NOT speak to any other Mistress  4.  My feelings are not important, only my Mistress’s pleasure  5.  Do what I say, when I say it! 6.  No cumming without Mistress's permission  7.  Once You become my property there is no way to get [...]

The 5 Pillars of BDSM

T H E F I V E P I L L A R S O F A B D S M R E L A T I O N S H I P One of the first things I learned was how important trust, honesty, respect, communication and tolerance within the lifestyle was. These are what I call the five pillars. I feel they are important not only for BDSM and the D/s lifestyle, but important in every relationship [...]

The Miztress Prayer

  For all of my slaves, you will say this Prayer out loud, before you go to sleep, naked and kneeling with closed eyes and hands together.     I want it said at least ONCE a day, Miztress Sophie xxx   The Miztress Prayer  Our Miztress, who art in Goddesses ' superior realmHallowed be Thy name, feverishly whispered by Your devoteesThy will be done By the army of slaves who comeSearching for Your light and guidanceObeying always in Your absence as in Your [...]

Barefoot Ball Buster – short story

 Barefoot Ball BusterThe only thing better than having a slave under my feet is having his pathetic balls under my heel, at my mercy. As I insert my sweet Goddess toe into his mouth, and he begins sucking loudly like a hungry baby, I lean into one of his tiny nuts, and his sucking quickly turns into a squeal. "Asshole!" I shout as he forgets that it's my delicious toe in his pussy mouth and begins to bite it. I [...]

MiztressSEXACY – Chapter 2

Chapter 2 My mind was racing, my palms were sweaty and I was lightheaded and dizzy to fuck!  I looked behind me and saw what I came out of, the hypnotic spinning wheel was like a loophole that lead me into an unknown world… Around me was a bright room, I study the walls closely and saw that they were made out of gold, infront of me was a large chair that looked like something The Queen would [...]


 Miztressexacy  The first naked slave placed his foot upon the elevator and whisked off up the moving stairs… following behind him were more naked slaves.  The place was swarming with them, over a few thousand that was for sure.  Each one of them was naked and had a dog collar around their neck, they all had completely shaven heads along with a smooth hair-free body!  Fresh, clean, shaven, naked slave makes her happy!  All of these slave species looked [...]

Emphasizing My Rules

I had a couple of slaves serve me today,one guy saw me on cam for the first time, I wore a Freddy Kruger mask haha it scared the hell out of him, i bet he thought I was a bloke haha his face was funny. It looks so real and so like him i got it off amazon. anyway he has wrote a blog about it somewhere on my website titled:" UNDER THE MASK OF MIZTRESS SOPHIE" i also [...]

To all of my slaves, i've been away for a few weeks dealing with the house move. I've not got a 3 bedroom house, oh its so much more fun and more space. I am even thinking of converting the basement into a dungeon hehe I've been using a dial up internet and been really slow, so I thought id take a few screenshots of cam for my slaves to see. Anyway it is now thursday and finally have my [...]

screenshots of my cam

dear diary, im bored, so thought Id take few screenshots of my webcam.  am waiting for Britains Got Talent to come on hehe. I just finished a cam show, I wore my fave heels, here they are, id love to force this heel down a slaves throat, force him to suck on it! haha If anyone wants to see me in them, come and ask me politely. I have thigh high boots also and loads of shoes. I think im addicted to [...]