Birthday Task for My good minions

So, that's it, you managed to get Miztress angry, and pissed. It's my BIRTHDAY in one week, on 13th JULY, and My wishlist has still some items in need of clearing My obedient little slaves. Do you think that's acceptable? Well, I don't give a damn what you think, I tell you it's unacceptable, so this is what you will think of this situation, understood, bitch? Although I should absolutely NOT have to remind you, little subbies, I will be [...]

Enslaving Payment Plan

Sometimes you can be such a good boy, wishing to spoil and worship your Goddess on a long term regular basis, but you get scared at the idea of commitment and fear the idea of getting blackmailed into paying what you owe Miztress Sophie for being so Superior to you. And that's a disappointment for Me, seeing you frustrated from your good intentions! Well, don't be desperate anymore, this product is the solution to your issues! Thanks to the intense [...]


So my little bitchez want to be exhibitionist'and show me how much fun they can have to keep me entertained today? Well then, this little task should be quite challenging for you and very entertaining for me :-) I look forward to your pictures and the laughter I shall have while reviewing them. Now get to finger cuffing bitchletts!

Miztress Sophie’s Monetary Manifesto

In ancient times Mortals had to intuit what they're Gods desired and demanded of them, it is been decided by Me that the male element or beast of burden in My universe has not the intelligence to intuit My needs, wants and desires therefore I have issued this Monetary Manifesto for them to understand the concept of money, wallets and My universe in relation to them. I distribute this Monetary Manifesto to the lowly male elements of My Universe for [...]