DIE for Me!

DIE for Me!

Well unfortunately vomitdoll isn’t dead … yet.  HAHAHA I’m just kidding … or am I 😉

Anyway a few nights ago we played a little game of Dare!  It was all a test, just like My Satanic Blood Ritual.  I like to test My slaves to see how far they will actually go for Me.  And believe Me when you look into My eyes you will NEVER be able to say “no” to Me!

So it was about 7pm and I had enough of vomit, so I told him, “get to bed” and then here comes the whines … “but but but Miztress its only 7pm, please let me stay with you, please i beg you, i dont want to leave you, i cant sleep :(“  WHINE WHINE WHINE!  So I said “cant sleep? … go get your fucking sleeping pills then!”

vomit scurrys away like a little rodent and crawls back on his knees … “Miztress i have them”  … My eyes beamed and I smile sadistically.

  “Empty them on the table!” ~ “Yes Miztress!”

“Now pop them in your mouth one by one!”  … “But Miztress i will get ill … “

“you said u couldn’t sleep, so I am helping you, dont insult My kindness and refuse My help – how dare you!  Now listen sleeping is a form of worship, because when you dream you dream of Me don’t you?”

“Yes Miztress, i obey.”

He swallowed them. 

All through the night he suffered stomach and kidney pains, plus a headache.  If you want to be My slave … DO NOT whine!


Miztress has spoken ~ AMEN ~

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