Get well soon Miztress!

Get well soon Miztress!

To all slaves and addicts,


Miztress Sophie is back!! 


Your Miztress has been down with the flu ALL WEEK ! … so you had to live your lives without Miztress’ guidance.

Miztress is still a bit ill though, so you have to manage a little bit longer.

I hope you didn’t do naughty things in my absence, Miztress Sophie will find out if you did!


While I was sick, I still managed to send you the greatest christmas holiday calender you’ve ever had the privilege of seeing.

Loads of people haven’t been able to resist opening the first 3 days.

The pics already got your dicks jumping, but there is still more!

Another 21 days to be exact.

Keep buying those days all the month through … Who knows what will happen!

Buy it and it will make Miztress feel better and recover from the flu sooner.

If you want your Miztress to get better and make Her happy by putting a smile on Her pretty face, your “GET WELL SOON” tribute BELOW will be a great help. click and pay button below for my health!!


Then go now and buy that 4th day of Miztress-X-mas joy! 🙂



P.S I have put My special advent calender on My niteflirt profile so you can open them each day 

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