Happy Valentine Day

Happy Valentine Day

Hello Slaves,

Happy Valentine’s Day xxx

I have created a sexy video just for my disciples to reward them for simply being obedient slaves in Miztress Sophie’s Army. I bought a sexy red Valentine’s Day outfit just to show my Army how much I appreciate them for being devoted followers! But, don’t forget, “Thou shalt not ejaculate without Miztress’ permission!”. So, you’d better Tribute if you want Miztress to be in a good mood when you ask for permission!

Click below to watch My sexy valentine video

And don’t forget to spoil your Goddess and show Her you love Her!
If you want Me to pick you out from all the other cowering weaklings who beg to worship Me, show Me that you’re special! Click on My wishlist banner above, buy Me something and show Me that you are worth My attention!!!

A happy Miztress leads to a happy slave!

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ALL gift certs send to sexysophiescam@yahoo.co.uk



I’ve also got a treat for my obedient little minions: Some hot & sexy pictures of Miztress enjoying her Valentine’s Day! Again, don’t forget, “Thou shalt not ejaculate without Miztress’ permission!”. You may stroke but not cum, if you want to CUM , message Me first to ask permission.


SEXY HOT XXX pics below

Show Miztress Sophie that you’re worthy of her calling you ‘slave’ and of being in her Army, and she will reward you in time!

~Miztress Sophie ~

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