Miztress Birthday July 13th

Miztress Birthday July 13th

Hello, my little bitches!

As you SHOULD know, My birthday is coming on July 13th! If you did not know that, let Me know so I can think of an appropriate punishment for you! LOL

I’m tired of getting tributes after My birthday, so here’s what we’re doing this year!

First, a little contest! Whichever of My bitches tributes the most will get a special and personal reward from Me!

Second, I want you all to empty your piggie banks before June 30th. That way, I will receive your monetary affection BEFORE July 13th, due to lag in NF payout times!

So, if you’re not in chastity, I want you to add ALL of your money to your NF account, stroke for ME to the edge of orgasm, and empty your NF Account to Me! Only then are you allowed to empty your useless balls! For My chastity slaves, you are allowed to milk your ass-pussy to orgasm, if you can! Ha!

So, get to it slaves! Click the button below or above, and select the amount you feel I am worth to you! It better be good! I want to see some BIG FAT TRIBUTES in honor of the greatest day of the year, My birthday!

~Miztress Sophie

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