Miztress has the flu

Miztress has the flu

Today ive been feeling abit shitty, ive got the flu grrr…you don’t know how lucky you are to have been away from Me! I am ready to destroy any little slave I can get my hands on while I was feeling ill…I’m terrible when I’m sick! It’s not enough to make My slaves suffer, I really fucking destroy them to cheer myself up.

One time I had a slave on the ground and I was kicking him in the face so hard it broke his nose! There was blood everywhere and it just made me laugh so much. The slave kept begging for more of My feet and apologising for getting blood on My carpet…he wound up buying a brand new Persian rug and came back for more!

Would you like to be destroyed under My heels, slave? Would you enjoy knowing I held the power of life and death in My hands…that your pathetic little life was existing purely at the whim of My moods? I could lower My foot down onto your scrawny neck and extinguish your life like a bug…which is all you are to Me!

You are the bug, and I am your Supreme Being. What other definition of a Goddess is there than someone who could choose to wipe you off the face of the earth…and you would beg me to do it too, wouldn’t you loser? To know you’d amused me and made me happy…that’s all your life exists for!

Speaking of making Me happy…a lot of My little loser boys have been helping out with my target for today and giving Me their pennies…but you still haven’t. Why is that, slave?

So stop whatever worthless waste of time thing you’re doing and pay attention to Me…I know you were probably just whacking off again over My pics or watching loser porn again anyways!

Today’s the day Niteflirt send out their monthly cheques and I need all My loserboys and bitches and to tribute Me so that it will bump up my cheque and make sure Niteflirt get it sent out ASAP.

C’mon bitch, are you going to bump up your Miztress’ money for the month? (It’ll be the only thing you ever get to ‘bump’ of mine, that’s for sure! Ahahahah!)

Get to work, bitches! Go to the link below !


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