Miztress Sophie Real Life Boot Licker

Miztress Sophie Real Life Boot Licker

i have known Miztress Sophie for nearly 5 years now and have been serving her online and paying Her small amounts of tribute all this time. Because this time i had a much larger amount of tribute than usual for the first time Miztress Sophie invited me to deliver Her tribute by hand but making it clear that i was not coming in and once She had counted the money i would be leaving immediately. At first i did not believe Miztress Sophie was serious about seeing me but i obviously agreed and it wasn’t until the day before i was to see Her when Miztress Sophie text me Her phone number so i could contact Her on my way that i truly believed She wanted to see me.

i woke up early that morning and found myself extremely nervous and moments of doubt crept into my mind but i am so addicted to Miztress Sophie i dismissed my negative thoughts and left for the train. When i arrived at Miztress Sophie’s home town i text Her to say i had arrived. Miztress Sophie text me back and told me to wait in town until She was ready. After about 30 minutes Miztress Sophie text me to come to Her so i got the bus and when i arrived at Miztress Sophie’s turning i text Her to say i had arrived. i was so nervous as i was approaching Her door.

As i was about to knock on Miztress Sophie’s front door she had seen me coming and opened Her door. There my Miztress stood in front of me. And I saw Her for the first time. Her pretty face was smiling at me. Miztress Sophie has gorgeous blond hair and she was wearing a short silver dress with black boots. She looked absolutely stunning. She asked me to count the money out in Her hand at Her front door. Then when i finished Miztress Sophie asked me if i would like to kiss Her boots before i leave. Of course i said yes and She allowed me inside Her porch and told me to get on my knees. i did as commanded and as soon as i was on my knees i felt my nerves immediately disappear . i noticed how muddy and dirty Miztress Sophie’s boots were especially the soles and heal but i still begun to kiss them. “I want a picture of You kissing my boots” Miztress Sophie said as She begun to take pictures with Her phone. i begun at the toes of Miztress Sophie’s boot and gradually kissed higher and higher up Her boot until i reached the top. i then kissed the bare flesh of Her beautiful leg and Miztress Sophie immediately scolded me and told me “Boot only”. Miztress Sophie then commanded i kiss Her heel. It was really muddy and dirty so i hesitatively begun to softly kiss it. Miztress Sophie then said “Suck it”. i was reluctant at first because of the dirt so i carefully put it in my mouth without sucking it. “Suck it clean” Miztress Sophie demanded so i begun to suck it. “Suck it like You would a cock” Miztress Sophie said. i have never sucked a cock but i begun to suck harder, moving my mouth up and down and wrapping my tongue around it. i could taste the dirt. The feeling of complete submission overwhelmed me. It felt so good and i begun to suck harder until Her heel was clean. As i was sucking Miztress Sophie heel i could not help but to look all the way up Her leg to the very top. “Your looking between my legs” Miztress Sophie said as i nodded my head. She then told me to take off Her boots and once removed Miztress Sophie commanded i kiss Her feet. i enthusiastically kissed both Her feet and then Miztress Sophie said “Enough, time to leave”. i got up from my knees and looked at Miztress Sophie’s beautiful face. i desperately wanted to stay longer but she said “Leave”.

i could not have been there any longer than 5 minutes and then before i knew it was walking up the road back towards the bus stop. As i was standing at the bus stop i could taste the dirt from Miztress Sophie boots and when i got on the bus i text Her to tell her this. Miztress Sophie text me back to say how privileged i should be. i immediately text back to agree with Her statement. On the train home i couldn’t stop thinking about Miztress Sophie and what had happened and when i got home i immediately went online to thank Her. She commanded i write this blog about meeting Her. This has been the greatest day of my life and i cant wait for the next opportunity i get to meet my magnificent Miztress. Thank You so much Miztress Sophie i love You xxx.

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