MiztressSEXACY – Chapter 2

MiztressSEXACY – Chapter 2

Chapter 2

My mind was racing, my palms were sweaty and I was lightheaded and dizzy to fuck!  I looked behind me and saw what I came out of, the hypnotic spinning wheel was like a loophole that lead me into an unknown world…
Around me was a bright room, I study the walls closely and saw that they were made out of gold, infront of me was a large chair that looked like something The Queen would sit on.
“Where am I … “  I whispered to myself  …  I was so alone I could hear my own heart beat, ” Anyone here … im lost … can someone please tell me where I am!  I was getting frustated and nervous ….   Then all of sudden the golden room turned pitch black and I was alone in darkness ….
” Your where you belong … “   whispered a womans voice right next to my ear, now I knew that I was not alone  … ” Dont fight it!  Give into temptation, I am your guardian, your teacher, your OWNER! “   Her voice got louder and echoed into my ears from all around me, I was scared, ” Who is this woman, what does she mean shes my Owner?”  My mind was racing with thoughts I couldnt answer and too make it even worse I was still in darkness!
There was silence again…  I stood naked and shivering,  a warm air was blowing into my ear, she was right beside me,  I could smell her and God she smelt good … she breathed and said 3 words, ” You NEED me … “  her voice faded out.  The lights flashed on for a split second and infront of me stood the mysterious woman all I saw was her face and her long blonde hair.  Her beauty astonished me, even for a split second, it felt like I was in heaven and I wanted more!

“No!”  I shook my head free of these thoughts, “No, I’ve got to get home.”  I thought to myself.

“Dont fight it I said!”  The room remained dark but the mystery woman finally showed her self, she was sat on The Queens chair infront of me, surrounded by a ball of bright light…  I stood naked and still, her beauty stunned me, it was like I was a robot and all I could do was drool and stare at this Goddess.  Not only her beauty but her presence effected me and I knew I WANTED MORE,  I took a few steps closer and thats when she rose from her chair …   She wore black thigh high boots and a black leather catsuit and towered over me …

“DONT MOVE BOY!  YOU TAKE ANOTHER STEP CLOSER AND YOU WILL FEEL MY WHIP!”  My eyes looked down to her hands where she was holding a long whip, I knew if I angered this Beautiful Goddess I would get punished!  But she was so sexy id do anything ….. Anythinggg …

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