The first naked slave placed his foot upon the elevator and whisked off up the moving stairs… following behind him were more naked slaves.  The place was swarming with them, over a few thousand that was for sure.  Each one of them was naked and had a dog collar around their neck, they all had completely shaven heads along with a smooth hair-free body!  Fresh, clean, shaven, naked slave makes her happy!


All of these slave species looked so similar, as if they had been cloned … to Miztress they were just brainwashed robots that had no way out of her control!  The staircase was filling up rapidly with these creatures, their was no stopping them, they were in her . . . .


Web of Addiction


and needed more of her drug!


The first naked lowlife scum slave reached the top of the stairs, followed by another then another, there was still millions of slaves yet to reach the top!  The staircase converted into a moving conveyor belt, its like these slaves were being SUCKED IN to a world they hadn’t even dreamed of!  The moving path was flowing into a hallway, surrounded by white walls either side.


What seemed like forever … the path had slowed down … and infront was a moving swirl patterned wheel, that was spinning into itself … almost like a hypnotic effect.  The slaves were getting closer to this wheel, neither of them moved a muscle, they had their back up straight and facing forward (like a true slave ought to be!)  It was like they could not blink, just stare, they did not show emotion or feelings, like I said before robot-type slave!


The first mind-fucked slave reached the front of the wheel and was miracously sucked in, it seemed like his body was becoming a swirl like pattern also and was spinning into a place, rapidly out of his control!  He WANTED this … he NEEDED this … he knew he was about to meet his SUPERIOR MIZTRESS!!!


He wanted his fix of her drug – MIZTRESSEXACY!!!

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