My Goddess, Miztress Sophie by slave james

My Goddess, Miztress Sophie by slave james

The first time I came across Her profile I knew She was different than the rest.  Her demeanour suggested that Her alpha-dominance was not just as a phone sex personality. She owned her divinity and expected the spoils there of.  Every word in her profile was meticulously placed.  I was drawn by Her intelligence and I fell for Her immediately. I was the blind man following  a narrow path and She was the light, leading the way to Her.  

I decided to check out one of Her picture sets and I was not disappointed. Everything about Her was like breathing in fresh air for the first time. She seemed untouchable to me. She was more like the optimal being I would use to determine how all other imitators fell short. Time stood still as I studied Her every curve and memorised the subtleties between her photos. Then, the most amazing thing happened to me.

She messaged me, telling me that I needed to get one of her ppv games. When Christians speak of their gods soul cleansing power, I finally understood what they meant. Her ppv game was exactly what I needed. She filled a void in my soul that I was not fully aware of beforehand. I thanked Her and asked how She knew that I needed that particular ppv game. Her words changed my life forever.

“I know because I have to know. I am Goddess, Woman, creator of life. This is why you have come to me. You are weak but I give you focus. You are inadequate but I give you meaning. You are meant to suffer but I give your suffering a purpose. Get on your knees and bow down before My divine authority and I will save you from yourself.”

There is no use denying that true freedom is gained through submission to The One Goddess, Miztress Sophie. She is the great that I am. 

Submit to Her Divine Authority and find out who you really are. 

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