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My third installment of bullbusting. This one was was a bit different though, I did it all while his dick was locked away in chastity just for the extra humiliation.

This is the same slave who couldn’t take the whipping in my last clip. This video was recorded just before it, and maybe this brutal assault on his caged cock was what triggered him leaving in a panic not long after. I didn’t go easy on him, you have to see it for yourself.

First I gagged him with a ball, then duct taped the ballgag in just to be extra sure he couldn’t talk, then I slowly circled around him like a shark, waiting to pounce on it’s prey. Him being blindfolded meant he only had the noise of my boots as an indicator as to where exactly I was, and when he least expected it, he got his first hard, swift kick in the cock. While the screams were muffled because of the gag and tape I could tell that he was screaming like he meant it.

What pursued was nothing short of a session that would put Guantanamo Bay to shame. Watch me not only physically Torment him, but mentally too. Using the sound of my boots hitting the ground to really fuck with his head. He was so frightened that I think he would have passed out if I screamed “BOO” at him – Actually, maybe I did do that! You’ll have to buy the clip and see.



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