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Vol 4! As my library of ballbusting clips grows, so does my skill at doing them. That’s not to say I wasn’t always amazing at it, but let’s just say that the more I do, the more techniques and tricks I pick up.

Here we have another set of balls ready to be busted, and this time they got busted in style. Instead of my usual restraints, chains and shackles, I used a BDSM fuck bench. I strapped him in to it, face down, ass up, balls exposed, and I took out all my frustration on his swinging nutsack. Punches, kicks, slaps, I even used both hands and punched them like a speedball. Seeing me channeling the late Muhammad Ali, coupled with the screams of pain from my slave and his busted balls is quite a thing of beauty. This is not to be missed, if you like ballbusting clips, you need this in your collection.


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