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Nothing like a brand new pair of kicks fresh out of the box. Nothing like kicking a pair of balls with a pair of fresh kicks, and kick is what I did. Join me as I open up my immaculately white Converse All Stars, slip them on, and put them to use. I could have walked around in them for a while to wear them in, y’know, like your average person would do, but as you know, I’m not your average person. So in a totally not-average way to wear them in, I decided I’d wear them in by wearing a slaves balls in with them.

From the very first kick I could tell that the rubber toe caps on these Chucks were great for ball busting! So comfortable too, not for the slave, I mean for me to kick in them. The slave was in anything but comfort as the tip of my new shoes beat his balls like an abusive husband beats his bitch, and that’s what he was, my bitch.

Not content with just kicking him, I wanted to test these shoes out thoroughly, so I got my slave to lie down with his cock and balls sticking out of a hole in a cock-box table. As I stood on his dick, it felt like standing in dog-shit, which is quite fitting, as that’s all it is to me really, so with that in mind, and knowing that his dog shit dick wouldn’t fuck up my nice new shoes with brown stench, I put some effort in to it. I pressed down hard, and twisted and turned, all while he was screaming in pain.

To finish it off, I had him on all fours like a dog, and kicked him in his dog shit, I mean, in his dick a few more times before sending him yelping home.

A must have clip for any ballbusting lovers out there.


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