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*Miztress Sophie presents Her new hypnotic mp3, Darklight, an imaginative and seductive trance that feeds upon your deep desire to serve your beautiful Miztress. Prepare to be intoxicated by Her sensuous voice as She counts you down into the deepest of and most enchanting of submissions. Sleep for Miztress, surrender to Miztress, and let Miztress Sophie be your only desire.*

Feel your devotion to your Miztress deepen as she guides you on a lascivious journey into blissful surrender.

Containing breath control, induction, progressive relaxation techniques and post hypnotic suggestions.

Let Miztress Sophie take control of your mind and lead you through the tunnel where you’ll soon find yourself becoming even more deeply enslaved. Only on awakening will you understand that true happiness comes in the service of your beautiful Miztress Sophie. A journey you’ll want to take again and again.


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