Dirty Doggy Doing Degrading Deeds

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Miztress lays back and leisurely enjoys a cigarette while Her pitiful doggy slave kneels at Her feet and makes love to Her red thigh-high boots. Soon, I rise and lead My puppy by his chain into the kitchen, where his big bowl of food awaits. Miztress taunts and screams at the slave as he frantically struggles to down the entire contents of the bowl. But he fails to finish all his food, which enrages me, so I drag him into the next room and order him to bend over like a slut and then beat his ass with My black lace gloves until he cries like a sissy girl. Finally, I allow the whimpering puppy to lick my boots, beginning at the toe, all the way up to the top. Then I stroke my puppy on the head. “Good puppy,” I coo to him as I part my thighs to reveal my red lace thong. ”Now thank your Miztress properly and lick here.”


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