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I thought I’d treat myself today, after all the hard work I put in, it’s only fair that I get to have a nice massage. So I called my slave, and told him to bring the oil.

Watch as I slowly get oiled up from head to toe and everywhere in between.

I start off laying on my front, with him working the oil into my legs and ass, making them nice and shiny, you’ll love how the light reflects off my perfect, pale skin as he expertly applies pressure to all the places that get me hot. Once he oils up my pussy it was time to turn over. Laid on my back you can watch the oil being rubbed all over my big tits and pussy at the same time.

Then finally watch as he brings me to a climax with his oiled up fingers.

Best. Massage. Ever.

And the best thing? I didn’t even let him cum for doing it hehehe


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