Financial Domination 101

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Financial domination, the phrase turns you on doesn’t it slave, admit it, especially when it involves being dominated and controlled by a sexy young blonde Domme like Me. But you’re also scared of it, you think about what it might be like, whether you could handle it, you buy the clips but never fully submit, never follow your deepest desire, so that true thrill of submission remains a mystery to you. Well now Miztress is about to lay it all on the line for you. 

This is a pov audio recording featuring delicious audio effects in which I first introduce you to the concept of financial manipulation, before giving you a taste of My domination, mentally, physically, and financially. Almost 17 minutes of Miztress’s mind manipulation. I will seduce you into submission, My voice will break you down, and by the time I have finished you will be begging, pleading, craving for Me to dominate you. Sounds like fun? Buy this NOW!  



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