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(50 HD pics) So I went for a walk in the forest today, dressed for the occasion, as always. Obviously I took a camera with me, you’ll love the results, the outfit, as flattering as it was, was just too hot and had to come off. But before it did, I just HAD to show it off, so have a look and tell me what you think, I love the way it shows my ass off, you will too. Especially when I start taking things off, starting with my boots. I just adore these boots, the boots you should be worshiping right now, the boot heel you should be sucking. If you’re a foot freak, there’s fun here for you too, see me get the bottoms of my tiny feet dirty on the bare forest floor. Then me bare on the forest floor, it was just too nice to not get totally naked and take advantage of the scenery, watch me give mother nature a run for her money 😉 (50 HD pics)


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