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As a Miztress, it’s my job to metaphorically walk all over people. It’s also a metaphor that I enjoy putting in to practice too, I love to REALLY walk all over my slaves. Squishing them beneath my feet like the bugs they are, inferior insects.

Some people fetishize the name to “trampling” – but it comes so naturally to me that I just call it “going for a walk”. Some people like to go for a walk in the park and look at the flowers and sky, I like to go for a walk on slave and look at his face turning bright purple. It really cheers me up to go for a walk on a slave.

Then there are those people who like to be walked on by people like me, are you one of them? Do you love the thought of being used as a trampoline? Do you crave to be stepped on by the bare feet of a superior female? Of course you’re one of them, it’s why you’re still reading this now. You like seeing men being trampled by women, just as much as I like doing it. So buy the clip, join me while I go for a walk 😉


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