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Whether you are new to Femdom hypnosis, or have been seeking for the Miztress of your dreams, this hypnotic brainwashing session is what you have been waiting for.  Come with me as I will start you down the unstoppable path into hypno-slavery.  You will experience your deepest and strongest desires as I lead you towards your destiny… you will fall for Miztress Sophie.
Featuring an effective induction, powerful conditioning, and full audio effects including the rhythmic Binaural Beats of a clock to slow time and aid your induction.  Together we will explore themes of paralysis, tease and denial, chastity, and enslavement.  You ache for this… you need it.  This is pure brainwashing that will break you down into your most pliable state, unable to resist my honeyed, sweet voice.  Here you will be conditioned as My slave, your whole body will come under My complete control, unable to move without my direction, ready and willing to please only Me. I will enter you mind, your thoughts, and your dreams… and you will forever be Miztress Sophie’s hypnoslave.


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