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Miztress Sophie invites you to experience Her deepest and most potent hypnosis recording to date, the incomparable MINDBIND. Featuring a full induction using progressive relaxation techniques, hypnotic spiral visualization and special audio effects designed to enhance your hypnotic experience.

It’s time for your conditioning. Let the intoxicating Miztress Sophie guide you into a blissful trance. Let Her implant a vision of Her stunning beauty deep inside your eager mind. Let Her angelic voice bind you with Her devilishly delicious suggestions. “This is where you belong, beneath Me”. Let Her enchant, captivate and seduce you again and again. This unique 13 minute recording will deepen your obedience, and help you to understand your place in HER world. Let Her in, it is what you want, what you need. Miztress Sophie IS your only desire and surrender IS your only option. You dare not miss the MINDBIND.

Miztress highly recommends that subjects should listen to Miztress Sophie’s previous recordings, “DARKLIGHT” and “SEXACY” before listening to this mp3.


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