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Watching me smoke is more satisfying to you than actually smoking yourself. That craving you get for nicotine is replaced with a craving to see me inhale and exhale the hypnotic, white mist. Sit back and relax, as puff by puff you sink into a smoke induced trance. From the moment you watch the dancing flame ignite the tip, to the moment I finally extinguish it’s warm, hypnotic glow in my glass ashtray, you’ll be fixated. A swirling, weightless wisp, defying gravity as it passes my lips and rises in a spiralling display of beauty before evaporating, disappearing forever, leaving the allure of the fresh, crisp, tobacco filled cigarette begging me to purse my lips around the butt and slowly draw another breath full of it’s sweet, sweet poison. Join me, share this moment with me, let the smoke mesmerize us both.


This clip features elements of: Glove Fetish,Leather,Leather Fetish,Mind Fuck,Smoking,Hyp-Robo Meditation,Hyp-Meditation,Smoking Fetish,Leather Gloves,Goddess Smoking, Erotic Hypnosis, Goddess Worship


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