Spat On, Sat On And Flicked Ash On

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Today I met another worthless specimen who needed to be taught his place in life.


I wasted no time on formalities with this one. From the moment I picked him up from his hotel, I threw him in the car, put a bag over his head so he couldn’t see, and didn’t speak to him for the whole journey back to my house.


When we arrived, I ordered him to strip and put a mask on to hide his excuse of a face, and the leash was attached. When the chain was attached, that’s when he knew he wasn’t going to be having an easy ride. I decided that before I get in to the swing of things, I needed a nice cigarette, and he could be my new ashtray. I made him thank me as I sat blowing smoke in his face, and flicking ash in his mouth, just the sight of him doing this was so pitiful, I decided this bitch needed to kiss my boots, I even flicked ash on them and made him lick it off.


Cigarettes always leave a nasty taste in my mouth, and usually, I’d just brush my teeth, but on a day like this when I have a worm worshipping at my feet, what better way to get rid of that taste than by spitting in his mouth. He sat, facing me, mouth open, and without hesitation I rolled my tongue around my mouth forming a big ball of saliva and “ptui!” – Spat straight in to his wide open mouth. Not content with that, I then did it again, and again, and again – I even made him change position so his head was back, making sure my spit would hit the back of his throat.


Once the taste of cigarettes had gone, and I was all out of spit, I needed a rest. If only I had a foot stool. But then it hit me, I did have a foot stool, a brand new one! So I ordered him to get down on his hands and knees and kneel as my human furnishing, so I could relax with my legs up on him while I checked on important things on my cell phone, like my website, and shopping for shoes.


After all of that, I made the cunt worship my feet – But that’s in the next clip.


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