Spill Your Love For My Ass JOI 16 mins video

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You looove stroking that cock of yours to pictures of Me, don’t you! You want to close your eyes and think of Me as you release, don’t you! Well today is your lucky day because I’m going to let you stroke that cock and cum. But if you’re going to be stroking over Me you’re going to do it My way. If I say stroke slow, you stroke slow, when I say stroke fast, you stroke faster. If I tell you to do 50 fast strokes or 100 slow strokes you will. When I say the magic word, you’re going to spill your love for Me and it’s going to feel sooo good. You will stroke to My ass and I’m going to tease you so much that our cock is going to be so frustrated. Imagine Me sitting on your lap, grinding My hot ass into you, rubbing up against our cock over and over mmmm.

I bet you’re sweating already, anxiety kicking in, breath getting shallow? No, you’re not having a stroke, of the medical kind but of the mastubatory type *giggles* You’re back under My ass, where you should be!

Do you think you can handle My hot tight ass for so long hmm? Edging and edging and more edging! Do you think you can last the whole length of this clip? 16 minutes to be exact … then let’s start our little game.


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