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Have you ever had an overwhelming urge to suck cock? To become a helpless little cocksucking slave? In this recording, Miztress Sophie trains you to become just that, a cockslut. You have felt Miztress take control over your mind, now have Her take control over your desires.

In this recording, Miztress Sophie will use Her beautiful, irrestable voice to lead you deep into trance, then implant and reinforce a powerful trigger over and over, that will leave you helpless and craving to suck cock. The thought of servicing a cock and tasting creamy white cum will be too much to resist. And once you do get your lips on a cock, the taste of someone’s cum in your mouth will trigger a powerful orgasm. There is no resisting when Miztress Sophie uses Her soft, yet commanding voice to get what She wants. And what She wants is for you to become a little cockslut. What are you waiting for … suck it cockslut!


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