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Have you every wondered what a real woman looks like, well look no further. In this amazing photoset you get to get a glimpse of Miztress Sophie as only real men would normally see her. What an honour for a pathetic slave we see Miztress amazing breasts, flat stomach, perfect legs and maybe even a little more.

Dressed to perfection in her red cap and red heels, come and find out what a real woman looks like.

In these 55 stunning high resolution photos you get to see Miztress Sophie in some very athletic and revealing positions. For a chance to see Miztress Sophies forbidden fruit in her sexiest photo shoot yet, then this set is a absolute must buy.

Another reason you must buy because the preview image in this set won in a tumblr photo contest, read below what they said about the image.

MiztressSophie starts off the winner’s circle with this shot. Wow is all we can say. This girl is set up for the most precarious game of baseball ever on those heels. Congrats Sophie, this shot was off the chain.


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