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Miztress Sophie presents Her newest hypnotic audio experience, ‘Turn on’. Post hypnotic triggers are amongst the most powerful weapons of the Hypno-domme. Planted deep inside your subconscious mind, they give Me control over you that you crave so much; you won’t even be aware that they there. The irresistible trigger I implant in you will immediately put you into a helpless, inescapable trance and you will feel compelled to tribute me, no matter where you are, or what you are doing, you will have to obey. Experience the deepest form of hypnotic control, feeding upon your deep desire to obey your Miztress, I implant my command deep into your subconscious mind. Prepare to be turned-on for Miztress Sophie.

Featuring a deeply creative visualization induction, breath control, effective progressive relaxation techniques, hypnotic audio effects, a trance inducing wave effect throughout, and post hypnotic suggestions. Let Miztress Sophie take control of you as only I can, and find yourself becoming ever more deeply entranced by My irresistibly seductive voice. Only upon awakening will you finally understand just how effective My post hypnotic triggers really are.


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