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Sticks and stones may break your bones, but whips and kicks excite me. As this slave found out the hard way!! And I really mean the hard way, he took a real beating. Chained up and helpless, he found out what my nice pink whip felt like as I tenderized his skin like it was steak. Watch him go from pasty white, to bright red! He literally changes colour like a traffic light. It’s a good job he was shackled up by the wrists, I could tell he really wanted to block the strikes and rub his wounds.

If whipping is your thing, then you need to see this, I’m sure you’ll have as much fun watching it as I did doing it. This was my first real whipping session, but if I do say so myself, I’m quite the natural. Watch him beg me for mercy, listen to him whimper, witness my power and control. Enjoy the clip 😉


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