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I’m back cracking the whip! My fuck bench slave got the treatment, and I got a decent workout.

This is probably my best whipping video to date, the slave is tied to a bench giving me easy access to all his delicate parts, like the bottom of his feet, his hairy ass, and of course, his sorry excuse for a ballsack. I use three different kinds of whips on him. I start the session off with my new long black whip, that was a good one to start with, as you can hear from his screams of pain, it really tenderised his flesh, like a big stupid steak, I softened him up, then I moved on to the next one. A small whip with tassels, I had fun with this one, I tried to give him one hundred lashes with it, but when we got up in to the nineties, the big stupid steak’s fat ass broke it! So to finish off, I moved on to my old, trusted pink and black whip that I’ve had since forever. I finished off the hundred lashes and gave him a few for good luck too.

If you’re in to whipping, this is the perfect addition to your whipping catalogue, grab it now and sit back, I know you’ll enjoy this one as much as I enjoyed filming it.


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