Pure Dedication

Pure Dedication

Last night I had one of my “human dogs” come online.  Lucky he did, because I was in quite an angry mood and I wanted to take my anger out on someone and he was the perfect person!  He is one of my most dedicated slaves and after last night I am hounered to have him as my slave.  He switched on his webcam, and there he was all skinny and fraile, looking so weak, I told him how weak he looks and how disgusted he makes me!  He accepted this and replied, “Yes Miztress Sophie, Sorry Miztress Sophie!”

What I wanted to do last night was test his obedience skills, so I thought up of something and said it intriqued to know what he would do.  I ordered, “MAKE YOURSELF BE SICK!”  I looked up from my keyboard and he had dissapeared.  I was thinking to myself … “I wonder if he has gone to get a bucket?”  After 2 seconds of thinking this, my thought came true and he did infact come back with a bucket to throw up in!  HERE LOOK AT THIS SLAVES DEDICATION!


This is the ULTIMATE DEDICATION!  When I can say anything and at the click of a finger it is done!  You could learn a thing or two from this slave!  START BEING MORE LIKE HIM!  After I was finished watching him hurl his guts up into a bucket.  I ordered him to sleep naked on his floor, with no blanket and only my sign round his neck saying “I am owned my Miztress Sophie”  I watched him try to sleep for about 1 hour, it was funny watching him shiver! 


I thought id just leave him there and switch off the computer and see what hes doing in the morning.  I woke up this morning and to my suprise he actually DID stay awake all night waiting for ME his Miztress.  He messaged me at 3 am then all the way up until 9 am until I woke up from my slumber.  He waited, like a DOG for its Owner to return!


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