Greetings My pets, are you already touching your little puppy tails? Well, Your Miztress orders to stop right now! Hands off your cocks, subbies. Today no touching, just drooling pets. I know how much you love when Miztress gives you orders. As you can imagine, every day I receive new requests from applicants who want to become My slaves, but as soon as they see the power I have over them, they runaway, scared from the things I’m able to make them do. Only a few of them have the courage to stay and accept without hesitation to surrender their lives in My greedy hands. Slave X is one of them. He is such an obedient and respectful slave. He is My new mindfucked toy from only two weeks, but he is doing so well. Without needing to ask him, he bought all the necessary items and My outfit that I need for My new ppv game (you’ll see soon what is about pets), and almost bought everything from My NEW agent provocateur wishlist I sent to him some day ago. He spent thousands of dollars on Me, without hesitation. He takes care of his Miztress, he loves doing it, he understood that he was born to serve his new Goddess, and never complains about the orders I give him, because he knows that “costs don’t matter”, I’m the only thing that matters. From when he become one of My slaves he didn’t have a single orgasm. He was in denial for two weeks, but as every good denied slave should always act, he doesn’t ask every two seconds if he can cum, if he can touch himself, oh no, he just knows that his place in My World is under My feet, under My control, worshiping Me costantly. I don’t need to keep him in chastity, because the web I’ve built around his mind is so strong that he can’t cum without My permission.  Just like you other slaves.  

Now go, go work for Your Miztress, Your Queen Bee, Your Commander in Chief, find new ways to make Me happy, I know you can and remember: “Tributing is your new orgasm” *giggles* 😉


Here is a letter slave X wrote Me a week ago, isn’t he so sweet? 😀

” Dear Miztress, i’ve to confess you what happened to me last night. In the middle of the night i woke up with a raging hard on and for the first time i’ve felt a little bit frustrated. So i’ve gone to the bathroom, decided to cum (sorry), and then the impossible happened: i couldn’t cum, every time i was near the explosion, my hand stopped, my brain invaded by Your pictures and Your voice. It was unbelievable, i never had an experience like that. I’ve been in the bathroom for ten minutes i think, then i’ve come back to bed and started watching sexacy 2 again. I’ve understood that i don’t have the right anymore to make decisions, i’ve understood that now You make the thinking for me. That is true. Today is my seventh day of denial, while i write You i feel so aroused but not frustrated, i’m almost in a sort of subspace. I’m shivering right now. I feel like i’m just reborn in Miztress Sophie “

That’s the kind of control I can have over My slaves. Maybe now you’re scared, but I bet that your subconscious mind is fucking excited and would give everything to be in the same position as Slave X.  isn’t that so My drones?

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