Kneel before Miztress!

Miztress Sophie is recruiting new slaves, there is no limit or set amount!
I want and WILL have a never ending Army of Slaves which will grow and grow as time goes on.
You will follow in the footsteps of your fellow slaves and Worship Me just like they do.
I am your Superior GODdess, do as I say and crawl to Me, you WILL come begging on your knees!
YOU NEED ME not I need you! Look at the power I have over these pathetic Losers, YOU WANT to be just like them!
You want me to turn you into a mindfucked robot that only thinks about ME each minute of the day!
I WILL have you for My slave and I WILL use and abuse you in any way I see fit!
Do I make Myself clear?! The correct response is “Yes Miztress Sophie.”… THE ONLY 3 WORDS YOU NOW KNOW!

My slave army is rapidly growing day by day. New followers and worshippers join the new religion – Miztress Sophie.
Peek into My world and have a glimpse what your life could be like, GIVE INTO TEMPTATION!
I will mould you into My perfect slave, you WILL obey all of My commands.
you WILL NOT be jealous of your other fellow slaves, for they are just like you, they are trained to think just like you!
I DO NOT have any favourites, I love/hate all My slaves in different ways. I AM Miztress, I do whatever I WANT – whenever I WANT.
you WILL NOT tell Me what to do, demand or push Me!
If you ask Me a question or say Hello to Me or I tell you to WAIT – YOU WILL WAIT UNTIL SPOKEN TOO! You WILL NOT buzz Me and demand where I am …
you will wait like a dog waits for its Owner!
For you are a dog and you will be trained just like a dog!

Your ass is Mine!
you DO NOT have opinions or think for yourself any more, I DECIDE what you think and what path in life you take from now on!
you WILL NOT backchat Me in anyway whatsoever, e.g: “If I say the sky is green and the grass is blue” THE SKY IS GREEN AND THE GRASS IS BLUE!
Do I make Myself clear? … “Yes Miztress Sophie?”
you WILL NOT whine, sulk, moan, complain. you WILL NOT question Me NEVER will you question Me! you dare! …
The only Question you will ever ask is one to help you understand your Orders.
you WILL be an honest slave and NEVER lie to Me, you WILL depend on Me and only Me from now on, you will CUM to Me if u need Me.
YOU NEED ME and I not you!
I am VERY strict and sadisticly cruel, but on the other hand I am fair, sweetly magnificent and immortal.
Some slaves are intimidated by Me, they seem to think that Myself and Absolute Cruelty are mutualy exclusive 100% of the time.
This is a false dichotomy!
I AM your GOD – and I will look down upon you as you look up at at Me and pray The Miztress Prayer.
Place Me on a Pedstal as I deserve, worship Me on Your knees, as your immortal Goddess.
I’ve had a lot of people recently asking Me why being one of My mindless minions in My slave army feels soooo good.
Isn’t it obvious? It’s because for all my pets it’s the chance to actually fully live up to their one and only potential in life: to be useful to ME.
Let’s face it, all of my losers are either socially retarded, teeny cocked, fugly, fat, sissies, or usually ALL OF THE ABOVE! Hahaha!
Is it any wonder they need a perfect, beautiful, sexy girl like Moi to give their pathetic little lives meaning?
I mean, let’s face it, without Me what have they got to live for?
They spend their days and nights sat watching TV, playing the computer, jacking off to pictures of all the hot girls they will NEVER have!
And then they go to bed sad and worthless and alone.
No hot Girl to talk to, nobdoy to dream about at night, nobody getting to enjoy themselves thanks to all that hard work the losers have been doing in their day jobs.
Dead space, basically. A vacuum of life, without meaning.
Then I come along, and show them what they were really put on this Earth for!
You belong to Miztress!
Suddenly my bitches all have their uses, and they ALL benefit from being My piggies. 
They get a sexy, bratty, perfect Goddess to worship, adore, chat to, pamper, and protect. 
They get to feel like ‘men’ and have a cute lil’ girl enjoying their cashola and buying lots of sexy toys and clothes to teast them with. 
They get to beg for my knickers, my socks, my used items… all so they can FINALLY taste what a real pussy is like, and smell the aroma of a totally stunning beauty queen.
So what if I take their dignity, their cash, their minds and their lives? 
They were just going to waste anyways! 
Now they have a purpose: to be the best slave in MY ARMY that they can be, and to please Me and know the joy of seeing Me smile.
That’s why being in My army is so good, boys. 
Because although you’ll never be ‘men,’ you can still satisfy the most unattainable girl of your dreams in the only way you can ever hope to: 
With your total and unquestioning submission to MY WILL, and by proving to Me that You will do anything and everything to amuse Me and make Me happy.
You will serve Me!

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