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A old slave came back to Me this week (you ALWAYS cum crawling back) apparently he broke up with his girlfreind aww poor thing ... like I care haha.  Well atleast we have more privacy this time.  I named this slave "SlaughterVomitDoll" yes I am crazy - get used to it BITCH!Anyway because he is a Moron he came back a day after My birthday - so I ordered he get Me a late Birthday present off My list.  He got Me [...]

NO SECRETS from Miztress

Miztress has been busy preparing for Her Birthday on The 13th of July - The Time to Rejoice and pray your thanks for being Her slave.  A time to spoil Her with gifts and show Her how grateful u are for Her existence as your GOD and Creator.  A Sacred day which you WILL kneel in devotion and celebrate The Birth of Miztress.I have been training My slaves to perfection lately, because with Me - Perfection is a Must.  [...]

WHY should you be My slave?

  I've had a lot of people recently asking Me why being one of My mindless minions in My slave army feels soooo good. Isn't it obvious? It's because for all my pets it's the chance to actually fully live up to their one and only potential in life: to be useful to ME. Let's face it, all of my losers are either socially retarded, teeny cocked, fugly, fat, sissies, or usually ALL OF THE ABOVE! Hahaha! Is it any wonder [...]

Addiction to Miztress

 The Symptoms of Addiction to MiztressSymptom # 1Unable to keep Miztress Sophie off your mind, constantly thinking of her each day Symptom # 2Continue to get a Miztress Sophie FIX and engage in behaviour and acts you wouldn't even of dreamed of taking part in Symptom # 3 Everytime you are around Miztress Sophie's presence your tiny dicklet is ALWAYS erect Symptom # 4Has tried but has failed to keep yourself away from Miztress Sophie, if managed to stay [...]