The Runaway Slave

The Runaway Slave

It’s happened to every Mistress, you meet a slave, and they turn out to be one of the good ones. They worship you lovingly, they shower you with gifts and attention, they push themselves to greater and greater acts of submission for you, and then they disappear. It can be so frustrating having found a wonderful new toy, to watch it grow and develop, it’s ever greater acts of submission unfolding before you, only to have it drift away in the wind. Now There is always another slave, and heaven knows I have enough clamouring for My attention and desperate to please, but these ones, why do these ones run?

It’s fear, fear of the path they are walking, fear of of their own desires, fear of the control I have over them. They want it but they fear it, in the height of passion they hand over everything, and in the cold light of day they run away. If you ask these slaves why they run, it’s the same story every time "I’m scared of what you make me do", "I’m scared of how much I want you". It’s fear plain and simple.

But here’s the thing about fear, it fades. And when the fear has faded, the desire is still there. And the desire builds and builds until ultimately, they can resist no longer. And that is why it’s only a matter of time before these runaway slaves, come crawling back. Begging for forgiveness they start their cycle anew, rising insubmission until their next fearful departure.

So slaves, if you have these feelings, if you fear and crave My control all at once, if the very thought of Me makes your heart race and your knees quiver… talk to Me. I would rather tend My garden of slaves than have to watch as they fool themselves with temporary escape. I will tend to you and calm you, and mold you to be the best, most sonsistant slave, that you can be.

The MOST Superior Miztress Sophie

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