A good slave worships his Miztress in every way that he can. If you want Me to pick you out from all the other cowering weaklings who beg to worship Me, show Me that you’re special! Click on My buttons below, TRIBUTE Me and show Me that you are worth My attention!!!

A happy Miztress leads to a happy slave!


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The reason for Tribute

Many slaves begin their discussions with Me asking why they are expected to tribute me. So this essay is written to answer that basic question. Pay close attention to what I say.

First of all, when I am talking about tribute I am talking about financial tribute. Slaves can tribute their Mistresses in a variety of ways but for this discussion I am referring to monetary tributes.

Not all Dommes deserve a tribute. Some Dommes are not Dommes at all but fakes who are only after money. They steal the ideas of real Dommes or have no real sense of superiority and just use the web as a way to make money. These “Dommes” are not deserving of a tribute of any kind or even the attention of a sub/slave. True Dommes have a knowledge of Their superior nature and power. They graciously provide subs/slaves with meaning and purpose in their lives through exercising Their power. When this is the case, a Domme certainly deserves tribute.

However, the sub/slave should not consider this payment for services. Tributes really are acts of worship. The slave recognizes the superiority of his Mistress and desires to worship Her because of this. Tribute is one very key way of showing his worship. It consists of a desire to please, a sacrifice, and a commitment to offering from that sacrifice. A Domme, if She chooses to require this type of worship, is right to do so. After all, She is the One to be worshipped and She chooses how that is to be done.

Some Dommes have worship rituals Their slaves participate in. These can include prayers of devotion before the Domme’s image, restrictions on orgasm, chanting, and other acts prescribed by the Domme. Financial tribute is simply another act of worship required by some Dommes. It indicates Who is superior and who is inferior. The Domme does not need the tribute but the sub/slave does. It gives the sub/slave a sense of real purpose and identity in serving and worshipping.

Also a tribute is a gesture of submissiveness -the sub is acknowledging their inferiority to the Domme and that they need to reward the domme for allowing the sub time to spend talking with them online. Dommes are superior and should never be capable of experiencing the less enjoyable sides of life, those are left for slaves and this is why slaves must tribute Dommes to keep them on the happy side of life.

If You are a slave who is not interested in tributing Me or has no interest in financial tributes at all, then move along, this is not for you.

I am the one true GODdess — and there could not possibly be someone else even remotely like Me in your life — because there simply is no one else even remotely like Me in the world! There is no one as beautiful as Me — no one as creative and talented as Me — no one as absolutely fascinating as Me — no one as divine as Me!! NO ONE!

The MOST Superior Miztress Sophie