When the clock strikes Midnight!

When the clock strikes Midnight!

Miztress Sophie’s Birthday is tommorow ~ all slaves should kneel in respect and admiration.
When the clock strikes 1 minute past Midnight tonight, it will go into the next day The 13th July and at this time – I WANT ALL slaves of The Miztress Sophie Slave Army to be kneeling and reciting The Miztress Prayer.  If some of you want to say The Miztress Prayer in your own language you are welcome to do that, it helps you get MORE MINDFUCKED!  Here is The Miztress Prayer for all the new slaves that have joined!

The Miztress Prayer

Our Miztress, who art in Goddesses ‘ superior realm
Hallowed be Thy name, feverishly whispered by Your devotees

Thy will be done
By the army of slaves who come
Searching for Your light and guidance
Obeying always in Your absence as in Your presence
Redeemed in Thy worship
Enlightened by Your whip
in redemption and release of their sins
Grateful for Thy letting no trespassing
Blissfully knowing
Their eyes crying yet glowing
Being Thy property they will for ever be belonging
For ever adoring, needing and serving Thee
For thine is the Queendom, the power and the glory
 For ever and ever; Amen

The prayer is also on My LiveJournal in these languages Portugese, Swedish, German and French.  So no need for you slaves to waste time on translating it as I have already done it.  AH Miztress has so many hidden talents, YOU DONT KNOW HOW LUCKY YOU ARE!

Come and see Me after you have said your prayer tonight – REMEMBER when the clock strikes Midnight you will say it with true dedication and pride!

Shout from the rooftops ~ YOU ARE OWNED BY MIZTRESS SOPHIE!

~ AMEN ~

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